SkyTools to Argo Navis Converter

This is a simple program to convert an Observing List from Sky Tools 2.x to a User Catalog which can be loaded into the Argo Navis Digital Telescope Computer (1.4).

Just copy your Observing List to the Clipboard in SkyTools 2.x (Observing List | Print/Copy | Copy), paste it into the text area below, and click [Convert]. When the next page appears, use your browser's "Save As" function to save the resulting User Catalog file. Make sure to save it as Text, not HTML!

Prefix Start Number

Each list entry starts with a prefix to keep it sorted in the Argo. The default prefix is "UL" and the default starting number is "0," but you can change them using the input fields above.

Note that the fields in the ST Observing List are configurable. At minimum, your observing list must include Class, Primary ID, RA 2000, Dec 2000, and Mag. This program will attempt to put as much other information as possible in the "comment" field, e.g., Alternate ID, size, surface brightness and Atlas pages -- if they are included in the input.

A WinTel command line version of this program is also available.