Fireworks 2004: Gloucester City, NJ

I used to work on a few pro fireworks shows around the Fourth of July for International Fireworks in Douglassville, PA. Here are some pictures from one of the shows I did several years ago in Gloucester City, NJ.

Click on the small pictures to see larger ones.

Shells are loaded into mortar tubes and fired into the air.

A Chinese Canister Shell
A "Peanut" Shell
A Salute Shell
"Ready Box" full of Six-Inch Shells

Setting Up

Racks for the "Grand Finale"- a large number of shells matched together
Paul, Midge, and Jim taking a break before the show

Shooting Up

Mark reloading a six-inch mortar, while another fires in the foreground
A "cake" shooting a geyser of fire into the sky
A "flight" of shells fired all at once
An Orange Peony Shell
Red and Blue Chrysanthemum Shells
Red Ring Shells with a Brocade
A Silver Brocade Shell
Finale, Part 1
Finale, Part 2
Finale, Part 3

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