The Fuzz-Kids

(Last updated April, 2020

The Cats

The Dogs

The Cats


Alana, who came to us with that name, is one of the softed kitties we've ever petted. She has very silky fur, and a loud purr-motor when properly motivated.

Bean (RIP)

"Beanie" was our first foster failure (i.e., he stayed here), and was bottle-raised from two-days old -- he was "Beanie Baby" sized when he came.


"Pella" was one of two adults and several kittens left outside the local Petsmart in a pair of carriers on a frosty night. She came to stay for a while and never left!


Felix, who also came to us with that name, is a very unusual cat. He has Cerebellar Hyperplasia, and he often falls down and has trouble walking. It doesn't slow him down much, though, as he barrels around the house, sometimes banging into things as he goes!

  • Hanging out on the old runner in the hall.
  • (more pix to come)
Gazardiel (RIP)

"Dia" was saved from the local SPCA -- they don't do bottle babies; Midge and Dia bacame very attached (they still sleep together), so she stayed with us for the rest of her life.

Herschel (RIP)

"Hersch" is the cat that owned Midge.

Jasmine (RIP)

"Jaz" was one of the shy kitties, and she was rarely to seen by visitors.

  • A particularly cute baby picture
  • A close-up of her face, showing her unusual half green, half blue right eye.
  • Asleep by the window in the office.
  • Perched on the bannister in the living room. Morgan is visible in the background.
Morgan la Fuzz (RIP)

"Princess" is the cat that owned Mark, and was vocal and amazingly heavy-footed considering her small stature.

Nebula Arwen (RIP)

Nebula was a very pretty cat, who almost certainly was part Rag Doll. She had pretty eyes, loved laps, and had fluffy fur that always looks unkempt, even right after being brushed!


Firefox is a medium-haired orange cat, and looks much like his namesake. He is a very friendly and loving kitty, and loves to be held or petted.

The Dog

Bowie (RIP)

Bowie was the token dog in the family, named after a rock star who also has two different colored eyes.

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