My First 1987

Original 1987
meh 4/2002


On this page I list all that I have left to remember my first Marshall, which I bought new in 1973(!). The last time I saw it, it had it's Vynide removed and been wood stained in a sad sort of "50's den paneling" sort of look.

First off, the carefully hand-drawn schematic I drew as a curious young teenager.

Secondly, a few recordings on cassette of my high school garage band "Bacchus" made in June of 1974. I was playing my Gibson ES335 TDW into a Vox/Thomas wah pedal, and from there into the head, which then was plugged into a "Kasino" bass cabinet with two fifteen-inch CTS speakers!

Here's a sample (don't be too critical, we were all in high school!). This was recorded live in the garage, direct into a Sony reel-to-reel using cheapo Shure dynamic mikes, but it gives you some idea as to the sounds it made.

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