Alphabetical List of Current Roses

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Each of the rose links below has information about a rose in my garden. Most have a picture (each taken here) as well, typically a 15 to 30K download.

Name   Summary
Abraham Darby Shrub, pb, 1985
Alba MeidilandShrub, w, 1987
Altissimo LFClimber, mr
Angel FaceFloribunda, m, 1968
Angel Face, ClimbingClimbing Floribunda, m, 196x
AngelaHybrid Tea, mp, 1957
Antike '89LFClimber, pb
Auguste Renoir Hybrid Tea, dp, 1994
Austin Mystery Rose Shrub, p

( 9 varieties )


The rose information (breeding, awards, etc.) mostly comes from the ARS reference Modern Roses 11. Additional information is sourced from Clair Martin's 100 English Roses for the American Garden and the ultimate online reference Help Me Find Roses.

The first-hand information comes from my own experience in my USDA Zone 6B gardens, on a semi-sheltered hilltop made up of a layer of clay with well-drained rocky sandstone underneath. We have medium-cold winters (low near zero degrees F) and warm, humid summers.


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