Woodworking: The Ferret Foiler

The Ferret Foiler

I occasionally get together with my friend Millard to play in his well-equipped wood shop. This was one of our projects, which he dubbed the Ferret Foiler.

My wife and I used to have ferrets, which were allowed out of their cage in the family room for play and exercise twice a day. Our stereo and CDs are also in the same room. The ferrets are very much like two-year-olds, so you have to keep things out of their reach. The Foiler was conceived and built to put the CD racks on, so that we can use the bottom two shelves again!

The Foiler is a long, shallow, low table made of solid oak with a Mission Oak finish, built using mortise and tenon construction.

The long view.

Looking at the finish.

The end corner, showing the leg and skirt.

The center leg.

The end view.

The bottom end view, with critter.

The bottom middle view, with critters.

The end-users checking out the new furniture.

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