The Plexi 6V6

meh 1/2002
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I used a turret board for this, figuring that I'd need to solder and resolder things a lot. I got the glass board and turrets from Hoffman - he's a little pricey on some things, but has the good stuff and delivers it quickly. I followed the classic 1987 layout for the most part, but added a few twists. I put the main rectifiers on the board, and also put the last two power supply caps on the board. I even went so far as to include a separate pair of turrets for both the cathode resistors and bypass caps, for example, figuring that it would be easier to fool with the values that way. This made the board a bit long, 12 inches (30.5 cm), but I managed to fit in the chassis. A picture of the entire (prototype) turret board can be seen here and the latest layout diagram here.

Here's the input end - pretty much classic 1987 up to the power supply caps. The white wire is a jumper which connects the two channels full time at the moment.

Turret Board

Here's the tone stack and output end.

Turret Board

Here's the power supply end. The reason I used such large caps in the bias filter was that they were sitting there in my parts box.

Turret Board

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