18watt Schematics, etc.

Here is a collection of schematics of (and related to) the 18watt amp.

  • 36watt TMB (GIF) (PDF) - Older original
  • 36watt TMB r5 (GIF) (PDF) - Richie's latest design
  • 18watt TRex - This is Lite II plus an overdrive TMB channel. (layout)
  • 18watt TRex-S - This is a single input switched version.
  • TRex MOSFET Switch - specific implementation.
  • Generic MOSFET Switch - Handy relay replacement.
  • Minimalist 18watt - This is a "bucks down" ASAP 18watt circuit.
  • 18watt Lite - This is the stock circuit without the trem channel
  • 18watt Lite II - This has the normal channel, but with the trem channel tone control.
    It also has an input jack switchable parallel or single triode input stage.
  • 18watt Lite IIb - The Lite II with some tweaks suggested by regulars.
  • Marwatt - an 18watt/Hiwatt hybrid by Jeff Swanson.
  • Vajra 18 - an 18watt variant with a TMB tone stack by Mark Durham
  • Watkins Dominator - reputedly the "source of inspiration" for the original 18watt circuit

For those who like to experiment, here are some alternate tone control circuits to try in the 18watt circuit:

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